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Urban vintage concept makes an inviting statement 

Cheerily Stylish Urban Vintage


A blend of modern style and vintage flavour, Urban Vintage may suggest old ideas given a new lease of life, but not everyone would be able to come up with a creation that is all at once nostalgic and refreshing.


In the hands of Arvo experts, however, an airy and lighthearted masterpiece is brought to life in this double-storey corner house, ushering in cosiness and understated elegance. The décor style adopted is admirable as it welcomes nature, eagerly bringing in the outdoors via large sliding glass doors dressed with sheer curtains. Airiness, softness, and warmth emanate from every room, be it the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.


Wood panelling is retro-cool and the living room's muted earth tones combine perfectly with light brown wood panelling on walls and ceiling. Even the dark-hued wall behind the TV presents a good match for decorative wooden panels. A simple soft-hued sofa, a grey rug and a nondescript TV cupboard are among the few essentials needed for this picture of happy family space.


A glass dining table a few paces away provides a lovely contrast to the elemental materials used generously throughout the room. Also making a distinctly strong impression in the dining area is a black metal partition wall.


The kitchen is likewise uncluttered, with a honeycomb of black wooden shelves making its presence felt; the perfect place for decorative items with sentimental value. Earth tones are again dominant here, with light brown upper cabinetry fusing well with black lower cabinetry.


A touch of creativity is all that's needed to make the ground floor guest room that is very small and narrow, a comfortable place for sleeping and other recreational pursuits. The smart solution for a tiny space like this: retractable furniture. Ordinarily, after putting in a two-door wardrobe and a single bed, there isn't much room to move around. But with RUMMY products, there can be a bed, working table and wardobe. When not in use, one simply pushes the bed into the wall in order to create space.


The upstairs landing and hall space is another family area that boasts classy simplicity. No clutter here either—just a plush blue sofa against the backdrop of black wooden shelves and a round glass coffee table.


In the master bedroom with its hint of minimalism, a vintage-style tufted headboard brings a whimsical touch that is delightful to behold. Light-hued bedding, sheer curtains to allow the sunlight in, and mirror and blinds next to the headboard are all elements that are characteristic of retro chic.


Bathed in sunlight, the girl's room on the upper floor entices with its playful lightheartedness. Cheerily stylish, everything here is seemingly soft and refined, from the light-hued bedding to see-through curtains to cat pictures on one wall.


The loft bed with lower sofa in the boy's room is no doubt the focal point in that space, with a window at one end again bringing in natural warmth. This room is another illustration of how space-saving can be done in delightfully creative ways.

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