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Urban vintage concept makes an inviting statement 

Urban vintage concept makes an inviting statement


For a living space that oozes simplicity, class and character, go for a theme that cleverly highlights how less is more—like the urban vintage concept adopted by Arvo for this three-room 1,352 sq ft condo in Penang.


A bygone-era style is given a new twist and the outcome is wonderfully inspiring and uplifting. A feature wall depicting New York city, a 50s retro-style off-white fridge, and black-grey-white hues that are repeated throughout the home—these are among the key elements with a tangible influence here.


There's certainly beauty in simplicity—and when it's simplicity that brings to mind “understated elegance”, you know you have a winner in terms of aesthetic. This interior design concept highlighting a playful depiction of big city chic and glamour, easily emanates cosiness.


Large balcony glass doors ensure enough of the outside world gets in but at the same time, the furnishings that highlight the urban vintage concept have a palpable impact. Almost minimalist in appeal—but not quite—the simple colour palette adopted helps create a distinctive mood, and it is an atmosphere imbued with calmness.


It has to be said that it is crucial for the feature wall—that has pride of place in the home—to be done right, lest it comes across as gaudy or ineffective. In this case, Arvo has delivered a showcase that livens up the space and provides a happy vibe. The feature wall, also known as accent wall, would certainly make a great conversation piece.


The off-white fridge is likewise a clever addition: a household appliance that doubles as a delightfully fun décor piece. These are the smaller details that add character to the whole place, resulting in a home that embraces you with warmth whether you are in the living room that has an inviting sofa lounger as a focal point, or the kitchen with its attractive clean lines and chrome surfaces.


Grey-hued cabinets carry the same design and colour scheme as the kitchen island, while Smeg products provide kitchen fittings that stylish edge. A simple brown wooden dining table along with an accompanying bench and two cosy chairs round up the picture of style and functionality.


The running theme of white-grey-black hues continues in the master bedroom, whether it is the large bed with its white bedding, black wood panelled walls or dark-coloured curtains. A smaller room with a single bed and a study desk, receives an injection of style with a classy-looking black  wardrobe occupying one wall.


The third room has been converted into a walk-in wardrobe, and one can be forgiven if tempted to spend much of one's time in this space. A lovely lit-up makeup bar commands attention here, making you think of all things glamorous. Laminated wood floors also make a statement in this room, as does another wall showcasing a wall-mounted clothes rail with shelf and a chest of drawers, all black in colour.


The bathroom too embodies simple elegance: big mirrors and large glass shower enclosures are the pleasing elements in this light-filled space.

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