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Another satisfied customer!


Urban vintage concept makes an inviting statement 

Black is bold and beautiful

Another satisfied Arvo customer to add a new feather in our cap—and this time, the achievement comes in the form of our black-themed interior design. Why black? Nothing beats black for the classic sophisticated look.

Black is the colour of luxury and never goes out of style, but it can be a challenging shade to adopt. If not done right, it would come across as depressingly drab or overwhelmingly gloomy. In the hands of Arvo's experts, however, such adjectives as ”swanky,” “chic” and “classy” come to mind; our remarkable aptitude for statement design resulted in black being used brilliantly to invigorate a room.



This Arvo masterpiece with the colour black dominant throughout, exemplifies refined sophistication and understated elegance. Beautiful dark wood paneling delivers a tasteful statement while the furnishings used complement the black theme wonderfully. Dark-hued drapes and richly textured grey-white bedding go with the bold yet unpretentious concept, while against one wall a somewhat vintage-style red fridge adds a dash of colour to tease the beholder. Décor pieces like paintings likewise effortlessly blend in with the understated chic, and mirrors and reflective surfaces are cleverly used to enhance the overall dark theme.

The visual impact is astounding and the client concerned was understandably happy with both the black theme and the high quality of the workmanship.


Inspiring ideas for your home makeover

Who says only bright colours like red make a bold and adventurous statement? Certainly not the experts at Arvo.

Exploring unconventional colours and themes is our expertise, and we serve to define what is trendy, as opposed to merely following in other people's footsteps.

Arvo offers inspiring ideas to transform your home... whether you want a new interpretation of a tried-and-tested theme or “safe” colour, or would like to be more adventurous and explore something new.

We take pride in our ability to create new designs, so we would relish the challenge of making over your home!

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