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Splendour of Scandinavian simplicity and utility


Scandinavian design, also known as New Nordic style, owes its popularity to its simple but striking aesthetic. It is easy to fall in love with this design tradition which is based on form and function cleverly depicted to showcase elements like minimalism, practicality, abstraction, neutral hues, and light.


Take this latest creation by Arvo Design for a home that has distinct areas with space limitations. Scandinavian interior décor is based around simplicity and utility—and this home exemplifies the brilliance of the concept. Here and there throughout the home, the design concept successfully solves the problem of lack of space.


The homeowner wanted an island in the kitchen-cum-dining room but there wasn't space to have it running parallel with the white cabinetry. A practical design would have to be adopted to address the cramped space. Arvo's solution: a slanted orientation for the dining table that is attached to the island to allow for more room for movement. Indeed, brilliant space planning saves the day—and the homeowner loves it!


The cabinetry with its beautiful luster and sheen doesn't take away the natural feel to the place; “natural” being something that most Scandi designs carry. Muted or pale shades feature prominently, with an emphasis on light—in this case, natural light that comes through an elongated under-cabinet window that provides a view of the greenery outside, and also illuminated shelving.


Overhead shelves lit with recessed LED are also a main feature in the walk-in wardrobe in the upper floor master bedroom; these complement white drawers and a single black clothing rail.


Once a changing room-bathroom, the walk-in wardrobe has a window which the homeowner wanted to retain while also requiring a dressing table with a mirror. Arvo's idea is clever in its simplicity: a window that can turn into a mirror within seconds. How so? It's a sliding mirror—push it to the left and it disappears between the woodwork and the wall. Pull it out and it covers the window, blocking out sunlight and the outside view.


Minimalism also holds true in the guest room. A lit wardrobe is a focal point, with other details kept to the minimum so there's simple classiness and no clutter. A comfortable-looking bed with white bedding, pendant lights and a piece of blue-white abstract artwork are enough to make a good impression.


Keeping it simple is also a reality in junior's room that doesn't go too far in showing playfulness—just one wall proudly proclaiming “boy's room” in big letters, and a black study desk with matching chairs to contrast beautifully with a plain white bed.  

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